Dewy Skin

As part of learning basic make – up we had to learn how apply and achieve a dewy look to the skin. In our lesson we were given a demo by our tutor Lisa and then were sent off in pairs to practice. To achieve dewy skin you need to cleans and tone the skin to remove any traces on make up or dirt. After cleansing and toning you need to apply moisturiser to the skin and allow it to soak in to the skin, apply eye cream to the eye to gentle massage it in to help reduce and puffiness. The key to applying a sheer foundation and achieving a dewy finish is to build up the foundation so that there is an even coverage but still looks fresh and as if there is no make up on the skin. This kind of look would be used it a achieve a ‘no make up’ make up look or used to promote skin care products. Below are picture of the finished look on my model Katy.

Products I used to achieve this look:


  • Illamasqua Satin Primer
  • MAC Face & Body Foundation – N1

Thanks for reading

Hannah xox


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