Mangled Thumb

As part getting to know our special effects kit and learning basic techniques we were shown how to create a mangled thumb.  To create a mangled thumb there has to be a range of a few lacerations and cuts to multiple deep lacerations to give it  a realistic look. To create the mangled thumb we used Grimas Derma Wax, Glynn McKay bruise gel (dark red) and fake blood mine was home made or you can buy pre- made fake blood. Below are some pictures of my mangled thumb and the method on how to recreate it.

mangeled thumb

mangeled thumb (3)

mangeled thumb (2)


  • Build up the Derma Wax around the thumb (works well on bony areas of the skin use a wet wipe to help smooth the wax and also helps making it easier to work with)
  • After building up enough wax use a toothpick to carve into the wax to create wounds 
  • Paint onto the wound by using GM dark red bruise gel.
  • To add to the effect you can also add a small amount of fake blood.

Thanks for reading

Hannah xoxo


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