Drug Addict/Homeless Character

As part of building our techniques and skills for special effects we were ask to create a character that was based on a drug addict/homeless person. Our tutor gave us a demonstration on what the character should look like, then we went away and practiced on are own. To make the character look rough/ill, i used a pale grease paint to help take the colour out of the skin and also to make the skin look dull, flat and lifeless. After paling down the skin i then used  mixture of grey and brown grease paint and brown powder to great dark circles under the eyes as if the character has had lack of sleep. I also added a small amount of red grease paint under the close to the water line to give the illusion that the eyes were sore and tired. To also add to the characteristics of a drug addict/homeless person i used sculpt gel along with Tuplast  to create blister and cold sores on the lips and face. Once the sculpt gel and tuplast were dry i added red and maroon grease paint to the blister and cold sores to make them look sore and inflamed. Finally i added a small amount of  Rigid Collodion  to the lips to make them look chapped and flaky (WARNING: use a small amount of Vaseline before applying rigid collodion to lips so that the lips do not become damaged).  For my first attempt at crating this character i am very happy the final result. This kind of make-up could be used for TV and Film,however you could adapt this make-up  for theater by making the make-up a bit more heavier so that it can stand out from a distance. Bellow are some pictures from my practice in class on my lovely friend Katy (link to her blog here).



Products Used

Kryolan Grease Paints  Skin Tone- Use suitable skin colour for the character

Kryolan Grease Paints Theatrical – Grey, Brown, Red, Maroon

Mouldlife Sculpt Gel – Original Flesh

Kryolan Tuplast

Rigid Collodion

Thanks for reading

Hannah xoxo


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