Hair Setting with Hot Sticks

After learning how to do a basic set for heated roller, we then went on to learn how to do a basic set for hot sticks using the Babyliss Pro 20pc Hot Sticks. We were first shown how to section the hair prior to the hot sticks being put in as well as being sown how to put the hot sicks in properly. By learning how to put in a basic set using hot sticks, you are able to create texture to the hair and enabling you to create many hair styles, as once you have done this all you need is some hairspray, a backcombing brush, a fine tooth comb with a pointed end and some hair grips and you’re away! Being able to use hot sticks is a good skill to have  for all area of make-up artistry, weather you are working in TV, Film, Fashion or Theater.  Below are some pictures showing how to put in a basic set. Firts section the hair, by doing this it enable you to put the hot stick in precisely and neatly ( sectioning the hair will be different on everyone’s hair depending on how much or little they have). When putting the hot sticks in for a basic set make sure you apply setting spray or hair spray to the piece of hair that is going on the hot sticks a swell as a little at the root as this will help the hair set into a curl and last, but also helps give extra lift at the root. Once you have applied spray to the piece of hair roll the hair downward ensuring that you get all the hair in. After you have put the hot sticks in leave them to cool ( TIP: wait until the last hots tick you put in is cold as the longer you leave them in the better the curl will be). Once cool start to take the hot sticks out I usually start at the bottom and work my way up as it stop all the hair from tangling. Now that all the hot stick are out you are now free to create any hair style you want.


                    Here is what the hair should look like when all the hot sticks have been put in.

             (Image source –

Thanks for reading

Hannah xoxo


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