1960’s Theater Make-up

For one of my assessments for semester two, i had to do a theater make-up for an era. As i really like the sixties make-up i decide to do my make-up based around that. I decided to go for the most icon sixties make-up with a black cut crease on the eyes which was inspire by Twiggy. I decided to you my lovely uni friend Emma for this as she had the perfect eye shape for this look. Overall i am very pleased with the final make-up look as i am not very fond of theater make-up and find it difficult to get the right amount of product for on to the face to make the contouring strong enough. Although this time i do feel that the contouring and highlighting has improved. Also i am happy with the way eyes turned out although with help from my tutor we did apply a bolder white to the eye to make it stand out form a distant, along with this i could have also added black eyeliner to complete the eyes. Below are some pictures of the final look which i also did a bouffant style hair using hot rollers to go with it as well as adding a ribbon to the hair to really pull the look together.




DSCF0666Thanks for Reading

Hannah xoxo




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