Scar Trays

Along with bald caps , for our final assessment we also have to create our own prosthetic that we have made using our scar trays that we have made. As i wasn’t sure at the time what i was going to do for my final assessment i decided making my prosthetic that i decided to make a cut as i knew that no matter what i decided to do for my final assessment i could incorporate my cut into and not be left i a prosthetic that i wouldn’t be able to use. So far with the scar trays i have created the cut using a type of  plasticine and built a wall around it so that i could then fill it with a type of plaster which will then make a copy of the cut meaning that i can then make multiple copies of the cut.  A scar tray can be used for film a television as is used to create multiple copies of  a prosthetic  this then helps with continuity as the prosthetic will always look the same. Below is a picture of where i am up to with my scar tray and i will post another blog post when it is complete.

DSCF0668Thanks for reading

Hannah xoxo



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