Knotting a Mustache and Final Mustache

As part of one of our final tasks for postiche, we had to create a mustache based on a any style from the 1900-1990. Using the techniques we had practiced in pattern making and knotting,  I decided to create a mustache based on the 1980’s chevron style mustache wore by celebrities such as Tom Selleck. Using the mustache I knotted I decided to create a character of and old man. Overall I am happy with the way my mustache turned out, I am pleased with the colour of the mustache as it matches the hair colour of my models hair. If I were to knot the mustache again I would probably knot more hair into it  as once it was on the models face it look a bit sparse and not as thick as the style should be. Below are some pictures of my mustache and of it on my model. I would also like to thank my dad for agreeing to be my model.

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Final Pictures 

Thanks for reading

Hannah xoxo


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