Creative Hair Final Assessment – Siren

For my final task for postiche was design creative hair for a character that would be in a theater production. For my character  I decided to create a siren. After doing some in depth research i found that Sirens are not actually mermaids but are half birds half women. From this research I decided to create a hair piece  I a style of a birds nest. Within the birds nest I incorporated various feathers to represent a bird, rope to  represent  ropes that are on the boats of the sailors they  lure to their deaths,with twigs that represent what birds use to build nests. For my make up I wanted to contour the face and let the rest of the do the talking. I wanted use black on the eyes and lips as Sirens are deadly and evil creatures. Overall I am extremely happy with the way the final look has turned out, a huge thank you to my sister for being my model and to Camilla Felgate for being an amazing photographer. Below are my two final shots.

Thanks for reading

Hannah xoxo



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