For our last work based learning, we had a lesson on Photoshop  We were show how to do basic airbrushing and and basic colour correction for photos. I have never used Photoshop before so found it hard to do this, we were talked through the steps in class and found it easy to do but if i were to do it by myself i think i would struggle. To help me with this i will probably watch tutorials online of find a book on Photoshop. Photoshop can be used to help edit photos for my blog or i the future if i wanted to edit my own pictures for my portfolio.Below are some pictures from class that we edited.



photoshopedit  Edited

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Laceration on the Hand

After practicing lacerations and mangled thumbs  in class, i decided to have a practice myself at home and created my own laceration on the hand. I created the laceration using Grimas Derma Wax, Glynn Mckay Bruise Gels (dark red) and Fake blood. Below are some pictures of the laceration i created as well as the method to recreate it.

my practice laceration (7)

my practice laceration (8)

my practice laceration (6)



  • Roll Derma Wax in to a large worm shape and place on the skin
  • Blend both ends and the sides on to the skin ( TIP: You can use cleanser to help blend the edges)
  • Using a tooth pick or a plastic scalpel cut down the centre of the wax
  • Paint onto the wound by using GM dark red bruise gel
  • Finally add a small amount of fake blood

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Hannah xoxo