Portfolio Building – Special Occasion Make-up

Today I did a photo shoot for my portfolio. In my portfolio I wanted to include some special occasion work as it is an area of make-up that would like to go into. For my look I decided to do a fresh a natural make-up, as the make-up could be worn by a bride or a bridesmaid at a wedding. For the hair put it in rollers to give it volume and texture and then put it up into a ‘messy’ bun on the back of the  head, with the front sections being twisted and pinned back into the bun. Overall I am very happy with the final look. Below is the final picture from the shoot with the photographer Jenny Mills.


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Portfolio Building – 1940’s Glamour

For portfolio building this semester, I waned to create a look  inspired by 1940’s Hollywood glamour. I wanted to create  glamours wave in the hair, with a bold red lip and a black flip on the eyes. This kind of look can be used on a special occasion/red carpet event, fashion and even in film and tv. I am very pleased with the way the make-up and hair turned out on the day as well as the final images. Below is the final picture form the shoot, thank you to the photographer Martin Beaumont and my model and class mate Emily.

Hannah HI RES



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1960’s Theater Make-up

For one of my assessments for semester two, i had to do a theater make-up for an era. As i really like the sixties make-up i decide to do my make-up based around that. I decided to go for the most icon sixties make-up with a black cut crease on the eyes which was inspire by Twiggy. I decided to you my lovely uni friend Emma for this as she had the perfect eye shape for this look. Overall i am very pleased with the final make-up look as i am not very fond of theater make-up and find it difficult to get the right amount of product for on to the face to make the contouring strong enough. Although this time i do feel that the contouring and highlighting has improved. Also i am happy with the way eyes turned out although with help from my tutor we did apply a bolder white to the eye to make it stand out form a distant, along with this i could have also added black eyeliner to complete the eyes. Below are some pictures of the final look which i also did a bouffant style hair using hot rollers to go with it as well as adding a ribbon to the hair to really pull the look together.




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1960’s Inspired Hair – Hair Setting with Hot Rollers

After learning how to put in  a basic set for hot rollers, I decided I wanted to practice styling the hair after taking them out. As we are doing period work in semester 2  I wanted to practice a hairstyle for my assessment. I’ve always been inspired by the 1960’s hair, so I decided to practice a hairstyle inspired by the  bouffant. I am happy with the way that the hair turn out, but I could improve this hairstyle by backcombing the hair a bit more once I took it out of the rollers so that style has more high.



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Hair Setting with Hot Rollers

As part of our skills and techniques for semester two, we have been learning to do hair. In our lessons we were shown how to set hair using different heated appliances. We first learnt how to set hair using the BaByliss Pro 30pc Roller Set. We were first shown how to section the hair prior to the rollers being put in as well as being sown how to put the rollers in properly. By learning how to put in a basic set using heated roller, you are able to create texture to the hair as well as giving lift at the roots and enabling you to create many hair styles, as once you have done this all you need is some hairspray, a backcombing brush, a fine tooth comb with a pointed end and some hair grips and you’re away! Being able to use hot rollers is a good skill to have  for all area of make-up artistry, weather you are working in TV, Film, Fashion or Theater.  Below are some pictures showing how to put in a basic set. As you can see the hair has been sectioned, by doing this it enable you to put the rollers in precisely and neatly ( sectioning the hair will be different on everyone’s hair depending on how much or little they have). When putting the rollers in for a basic set make sure you apply setting spray or hair spray to the piece of hair that is going into the roller a swell as a little at the root as this will help the hair set into a curl and last, but also helps give extra lift at the root. Once you have applied spray to the piece of hair roll the hair downward ensuring that you get all the hair in and pin in place by using a U shaped pin. After you have put the roller in leave them to cool ( TIP: wait until the last roller you put in is cold as the longer you leave them in the better the curl will be). Once cool start to take the roller out I usually start at the bottom and work my way up as it stop all the hair from tangling. Now that all the roller out you are now free to create any hair style you want.





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