Creative Hair Final Assessment – Siren

For my final task for postiche was design creative hair for a character that would be in a theater production. For my character  I decided to create a siren. After doing some in depth research i found that Sirens are not actually mermaids but are half birds half women. From this research I decided to create a hair piece  I a style of a birds nest. Within the birds nest I incorporated various feathers to represent a bird, rope to  represent  ropes that are on the boats of the sailors they  lure to their deaths,with twigs that represent what birds use to build nests. For my make up I wanted to contour the face and let the rest of the do the talking. I wanted use black on the eyes and lips as Sirens are deadly and evil creatures. Overall I am extremely happy with the way the final look has turned out, a huge thank you to my sister for being my model and to Camilla Felgate for being an amazing photographer. Below are my two final shots.

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1960’s Theater Make-up

For one of my assessments for semester two, i had to do a theater make-up for an era. As i really like the sixties make-up i decide to do my make-up based around that. I decided to go for the most icon sixties make-up with a black cut crease on the eyes which was inspire by Twiggy. I decided to you my lovely uni friend Emma for this as she had the perfect eye shape for this look. Overall i am very pleased with the final make-up look as i am not very fond of theater make-up and find it difficult to get the right amount of product for on to the face to make the contouring strong enough. Although this time i do feel that the contouring and highlighting has improved. Also i am happy with the way eyes turned out although with help from my tutor we did apply a bolder white to the eye to make it stand out form a distant, along with this i could have also added black eyeliner to complete the eyes. Below are some pictures of the final look which i also did a bouffant style hair using hot rollers to go with it as well as adding a ribbon to the hair to really pull the look together.




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70s Disco Frogs

For my second work experience myself and others in the class were asked to create make-up for 70s style frogs that were going to be in one of our colleges stage productions. My friend Katy (link to her blog here) designed a stencil which could be used on the arms of the frogs. To create the frog look we used green snazaroo face paints of the main colour and then a mixture of black and green for the marks on the arms. Overall I feel that the frogs make-up went well, however we did get rushed towards the end but we did manage to get all of the frogs done. See below for a picture of one of the finished frogs.

Picture 347

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Theater Make-up

As part of our semester 1 learning we had learn and recreate large theater make-up . When  applying theater make-up it is important to keep in mind that the make-up is being used to define the face so that the actors expressions can be “read” easily by the audience as they are most likely to be siting at a distance from the stage, meaning that the make-up can look a bit over the top and comical up close. Also another key factor to keep in mind is that theater make-up is used to alter the persons character and to also reflect the part they are playing. Below are a few photos from my theater make-up final assessment. I will hold my hands up and fully admit that i’m not a huge fan of theater make-up and can honestly say that i struggled when it came to the make up. When I first attempted the make-up I was completely fine with doing the eyes and lips but struggled using creme products to contour and highlight and felt that my fist attempt wasn’t that good so i made the decision to re-do the make again (shown in the pictures below). Having re-done the theater make-up again I was much happier with the result although I think I could have done with going a little darker with the contouring.

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Products Used


  • Illamasqua Matte Primer -Buffed into the Skin
  • Max Factor Pan Stick Cool Copper – Buffed into the skin
  • Kryolan Grease Paints Dark Brown – Applied as contour under cheek bone, jawline, temples, fore head and either side of the nose and buffed out slightly
  • Kryolan Grease Paint Light Flesh colour – Applied as highlight to tops of cheek bones, centre of fore head and bridge of the nose
  • Illamasqua loose powder- Pressed onto skin using powder puff


  • Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion – Applied to eyelid up to brow
  • MAC Eye Shadows –
    • Orb- all over eye lid,
    • Era and Concrete blend together in the crease in a ‘c’ shape
    • Concrete through  the eyebrows to define
  • Collection 2000 Longer Lash Mascara -Applied to both top and bottom lashes
  • False Eyelashes applied to the top lashes


  • MAC Lip liner Cherry – Follow the natural lip line
  • MAC Lipstick Rubywoo – Applied with lip brush

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